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Within text-based conversations on the Internet, a person is said to have the Rage condition, when he or she is honestly incapable of forming a reasonable response and opinion, because in his or her perception, only the most intense and attention-drawing words or phrases of a paragraph or sentence are readable and within their cognitive grasp.

Original paragraph:
Given that sexuality and sexual attraction is on a basic level not a voluntarily chosen personality feature, but shaped by certain inborn perceptual responses and impulses to triggers such as pheromones and visual stimuli, and that those responses and inclinations are again mostly shaped by evolutionary advantageous outcomes, it's reasonable to assume and hard to deny that the majority of male animals, do intrinsically feel attraction towards females once they are fertile. But this would also mean in the case of humans, that the average male does feel (on the described basis) attracted towards adolescent girls who have physically matured to be completely fertile. That could mean in extreme cases of an early onset of puberty even as young as 10-12 years old.
This of course is entirely misfit to any reasonable social and moral imperatives in a civilized society, to the effective outcome in most people's idea of their own sexuality and to their emotional attraction towards potential partners as well as to the impact on their voluntary and involuntary sexual behavior and inclinations.
continued Understanding and openly discussing how social and moral imperatives or other factors, such as the choice of preference, commonly lead to an unproblematic effective suppression/modification of immediate sexual responses and regulated sexual urges in people and their behavior, specifically concerning the raised issue, may help to new psychological approaches and therapies for those who can't help to suffer from psychiatric disorders of sexual preference. Especially those with the most concerning disorders who have to be left without effective treatment options, i.e. pedophiles, who are statistically bound to repeat crimes such as raping and murdering children, despite all efforts to exhaust the scope of the legal system against them.

Paragraph with rage condition:
Gfgdfg sfjfhdfkjh INVOLUNTARILY SEXUAL fdsff.
Gsdfsdf dfgdf gdjhk MORAL dggd fjjdfk sdfjkh UNPROBLEMATIC asdf UNDERSTANDg gjfgh fgkMYdjgh immediate SEXUAL RESPONSES jhkjh dfgdfg SEXUAL URGES fkgjdfjdf of CAN'T HELP SEXUAL PREFERENCE gfghhf ghg I gfghd HAVE TO BE sdhfkj PEDOPHILEdfg. affs RAPEdssd ad AND MURDERsdfsf CHILDREN dssdsd.

Rage-condition response:
You fucking child raping, self-justifying lower life form! You are a pedophile sub-human. People like you should be burned alive and shot! I will bring hell on you man, I will fuck you up.
by DFGL October 14, 2013
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