a giant man who carries the state of Hawaii on his right cheek.
also someone who's every shirt has a rip in it.
person A: is that a....
person B: i think it is a....
both A & B: RAFFA
by gazonga March 31, 2009
Raffa news is bad news. Not horrible, tragic news, just news you didn't want to hear. Derived from the 17th Century word raff meaning rubbish, related to riff-raff meaning people who are worthless.
I hate to be the bearer of raffa news, but Firefly was canceled.
by 50sDad May 8, 2013
The Vinny Raffa Effect occurs after repetitive sightings of a repeated visual stimulus, often a sticker or grafitti. As a child I used to often see this one sticker with a mysterious icon - Vinny Raffa. This led me to ask the question, "who is Vinny Raffa?" As I grew up I saw more and more of these stickers throughout my lifetime and always wondered with great fascination what they meant and how they got there. However when I got older I eventually learned the true identity of the man on the sticker and with this discovery, much of my interest was lost. The Vinny Raffa Effect occurs when you lose interest in something after discovering too much about it.
I'm not sure if this is an example of The Vinny Raffa Effect but, I just found out who made all of these mysterious cards we've been seeing everywhere and now I don't care.
by @verysublimepuppy December 28, 2018
A family that will stay together through the thick and thin even when they are split up they will keep each other company
Look it’s the Raffaeli’s dog
by Pro123456789 May 5, 2020