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Raedyn is a small humanoid creature, that thrives on small treats and sassy come backs.

He will often be found dancing to no music, gymnastics, acrobatics, and par-core.

In an endeavored to find said creature one must look up high, he's is often perched atop vending machines.

When provoked the Raedyn will put his hand on his hip, sassily snap his fingers and insult you in a nerdy fashion

To tame this rare creature slowly approach with a small treat in hand, palm flat and arm out stretched. Do not be afraid, HE CAN SMELL FEAR!

Protect this precious endangered creature.

The world will not be the same if we lost it.
"And here we see the endangered Raedyn in its natural habitat, notice how he is crouches low atop the snack vending machine hissing to establish his dominance over the treats."
by k.e.j August 16, 2016
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