one who is skilled at everything imaginable
Radu: Fixing things, helping people, sports, musical abilities, ect.
by woodnowqincoi May 6, 2006
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A really hot guy that loves doing gym and he is really hot. He loves playing video games and also he is best Seha ;3
Radu is hot afffffff!!
by DolceGucciana April 2, 2017
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The act of dying one's hair ginger in order to repel the opposite sex.
a complete and utter radu
by Bones June 4, 2003
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Radu is very samrt
by daraspul January 25, 2021
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A guy who has a big dick and he's really good at sexual acts
-Have you heard about Radu
-Yes! I want him to fuck me
by Deez Nuts asdfghjkl January 4, 2022
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