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The hair that doesn't get shaved between the vagina lips because it's hard to reach with just a razor blade. After time a small Bush grows and looks like a lucky rabbits foot.
When I met my girlfriend she was completely shaved down there but now is lazy and leaves a rabbits foot.
by yourburden September 12, 2016
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Massive cameltoe
Usually applies to women with a beaver so big it creates a second muffin top right under her stomach muffin top
Cameltoe for fatasses
Broski: Dude, that bitch had a fuckin massive cameltoe. Her beaver was so huge its was basically spilling out of her pants and eating them up.
Broseph: Nah, that was a rabbit's foot. It's a more severe version of cameltoe. *shudders*
by doggyboy January 22, 2010
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