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Stands for "redditor for redditor".

Used on Reddit to identify posts and areas of interest related to meeting other people.
"Please, don't ask for r4r in r/sex, this subreddit is only for discussions about sexuality and sexual relationships"
by JohnShaft August 30, 2018
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Referral for referral. Usually for Myspace auto-adder users, or for people who use sites like FriendBlastr.
You swap referral codes with another person, and you sign up with each other's referral links so the other person gets extra points. This helps them achieve more VIP days on that site (which means their picture and a link to add them appears on the front page of the site.)
CathyCatastrophe: "haii bbygirl Angelica, wanna r4r?"
AngelicaAutopsy: "foshure bby! here's ma referral link: -insert link here-"
CathyCatastrophe: "heere's miine; -insert link here- kthxbye bbycakes!"
by designerskyline June 17, 2009
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