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The place where the freedom of expression ends. A place where a bunch of shitty moderators jerking off to each other.
What the fuck, man. I was banned from r/india for calling out mods. Not sure which one. Probably rahulthewall, shitty low life scum.
by PCManiacForLife October 12, 2017
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Biased sub-reddit for India on Reddit, overtaken by corrupt mods who ban anyone who do not align with their Political views.
me : "Bro I just got banned on /r/India."
bro : what did you expect?
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by rookpook October 11, 2017
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A subreddit for formerly Indian but currently mostly pro congress and anti Modi circlejerk. It is heavily curated both in terms of content and users with congress party mouthpiece National Herald and pro congress publication Print being the origin for most posts. Users who disagree with the views of these publications are promptly banned and there are often bait posts accusing Indian government, army or other organizations with falsehood and asking right wind members to defend it. Those pointing out the falsehoods are immediately banned.
"Hey dude I found this subreddit about India called /r/india"
"You are a bit late, I found it yesterday and got banned today. Let us see how many days you have got."
"But I hate India and Indian organizations"
"In that case you would fit right in."
by Bhondu June 09, 2018
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A majorly infamous subreddit on, mostly known for its bias and moderator right abuse. If your way of thinking doesnt align with the moderators, you are banned, and hence they have created an echo chamber.
Dude, Just got banned the other day on r/india for explaining the mods that bad weather would not affect cloud computing
by notmyrealnamebro October 07, 2017
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