A subreddit that caused the explosion in value of gamestop shortly after lots of hedge funds started to Short Gamestop
r/WallStreetBets is why reddit is now famous for exploding gamestops value, Also, if you even say their character is donald trump 10 people will immediately begin to hunt you.
by Idk what to put here l0l February 1, 2021
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A subreddit filled with self-proclaimed retards and degenerates who managed to drain the money reserves of big hedge fund at the end of January 2021. Uses the robinhood app to trade and uses their own homegrown money-losing tactic called the yolo strat.
some dude: yo GameStop stocks are rising, pog.
some redditor: r/wallstreetbets go yeet lmao. very wholesome 100 keanu reeves big chungus.
big hedge funds: *fricking dies*
by ThatFluffyJello February 2, 2021
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