a r!nko#2869 is one of my favourite people on the planet. they have had such a big impact in my life i don’t go one day without thinking about them. he literally has brightened my world and made my days that much more exciting, fun and worthwhile. since we met late last summer i haven’t gone one day without wanting to talk to them. from the things they say to how they act and treat me there isn’t much i’d want to change. imperfectly, you are perfectly you. i wouldn’t make any differences in our times together because it defines us and our relationship. happy birthday love. i’m happier with you than i’ve been with any others. the sky is that much more beautiful because i know you’re looking at it, too. <3

love, jules
boy 01: is that a r!nko#2869?!
boy 02: yeah man, they’re the best!!
by jude34ily February 18, 2022
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