A mocking question to someone you know is angry, usually used in the context of griefing in online games.
user1: r u mad?
user2: screw you
user1: u mad.
by foxblaze July 28, 2010
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A questioning joke that one person nerviously asks another. The nervousness stems from the fact that the person asking the question is not sure whether the person to whom the question was addressed is really mad or not.

Usually responded to with:
No=Time to utter a funny banter
Lauren: R u mad?
Ben: no
Lauren: R u sure?
Ben: yes, now quit talking to me damnit!
by Ben Keown July 02, 2005
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O Y R U MAD @ ME? is an expression that means oh why are you mad at me?.
by Skip to the Loo December 02, 2020
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