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A Muslim who follows the Quran alone for Islamic guidance and ruling. Quranists consider Sunnis and Shias to be infidels kuffar and not Muslims since they reject following the Quran alone and follow the Hadiths. The most famous group of the Quranists are perhaps the Yan Tatsine jihadist group. Quranists consider Hadiths to be fabrications against the Islamic prophet Muhammad, innovation as they were written 100 years after the death of Muhammad, and un-Islamic as they contradict the teachings of the Quran. In Arabic Quranist Muslims are known as al-Quraniyoon or Ahlul Quran "people of the Quran", and in French they are known as Coranistes.
Those Quranist Muslims are always insulting Hadithists such as Sunnis and Shias. They never stop!
by PoliticalDon May 31, 2019
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