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Used to request further clarification of a convoluted, perplexing or confusing statement.

The term is informal and often slightly derogatory. Generally used by the condescending, misguided and self entrenched eastern suburbs elite (SYD).
Man 1: Yaris and Gorilla behaved like gypsies last night. This has become and unwelcomed and regular occurrence...

Man 2: quorry?
by French Rattus June 12, 2011
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When questioning someone's comment, yet feeling surprised and wanting to use 'sorry'. Often used when not having enough time to say "sorry, can you ask that question again".

Often used when a stupid question has been put forward.
Q: Where is the donkey?

A: Quorry?


Q:What time is it in Tunisia?

A: Quorry? What are you on about.
by Modern Anonymous April 11, 2011
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