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A situation which at first seems absurd, because someone is backing her arguments with on the spot acceptable claims. Also backed by blablablarights activists from various backgrounds shooting down any counter argument. However the claim turns out to be true, due to the huge amount of veryfiable proof and decides to erupt as one giant black death pus filled boil.
Pedro: Do you think the genators on the /v/ board do it for free? Or is there some outside person influencing what gets deleted?

Hank: Nah, they seem cool people which have standards and values we all believe in.

Pedro: But what if they get something out of it?

Hank: Like what? They do it for free!

Pedro: All I can think of what those wizards want is sex, and I bet no one is willing to sleep with them.

Hank: Nah you're just making up some ridiculous imlausible conspiracy, unless ... ~ unless it's a quinnspiracy. Let's continue shitposting, no one cares anyway!

by Ceasium133 August 22, 2014
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