1- A female of any sexual affiliation who has lesbian feelings that are intentionally abandoned (and sometimes, re-abandoned) with the intention never to act upon her sapphic tendencies.

2- An inactive lesbian, out or closeted.

3- A bisexual female with intentionally repressed lesbian desires and actions who may or may not refer to herself as heterosexual.

Pronounciation: qwee-ess-unt saf-ist
She's happily married and attracted to John Doe, in a heterosexual relationship, while she is also a quiescent sapphist.

Isabella told her fiance that she preferred to identify as a heterosexual who is also a quiescent sapphist.

Lillian is a lesbian who chooses to live a celibate life and to completely reject her lesbian thoughts, desires, feelings, making no actions toward them, while at the same time admitting that they remain there, albeit dormant.

Gio is bisexual, but stifles her lesbian tendencies while admitting that she does in fact have lesbian desires.
by Junetopia September 17, 2010
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