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A group of queers or a single queer taking a selfie.
Did you see the amount of quelfies being taken at the pride parade today?!
by Dr. Jockula Mr. Fister November 22, 2016
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The act of emitting a queef while filming yourself in the surrounding vicinity for personal or social media purposes.
Qeulfie witness: Did you see that new bitch from work walk into the kitchen today?
Acquaintance: Nah man, what happened?
Quelfie witness: She walked in, hopped on the counter , whipped out her cell phone and took a quelfie right in front of the whole staff. Furthermore, we all received the event in our personal emails six weeks later.
Acquaintance: You gotta send me that, BRO!
by Garlic Salt November 24, 2017
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