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A sporty, glittery llama with an identity crisis because she’s not sure if she’s an alpaca or a sloth. She likes to give pony rides because she is a mantaray. All her life she has wanted to meet a blobfish and get that blobfish dick!! When she grows up she wants to be a pescatarian with blue toes and a side of ketchup. Her favorite thing to do is sneezing because she thinks that it’s a moment of death and she likes death. She’s also emo. Aside from enjoying the ideas involved with death, her favorite color is neon yellow and pink because she lives in the 80’s where they accepted her for who she is: a llama/alpaca/sloth/blobfish dick lover. It probably should have been mentioned earlier that she also has dissociative identity disorder and she’s Jewish. If your name is queightlinne, what are your parents doing to you? That’s just weird dude. Peace, love, and llamas! Goodnight........
You’re a queightlinne if I’ve ever seen one!”

“Is that a llama? Oh, no it’s just a queightlinne”
by Llamagurl...69 ;) May 21, 2018
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