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An act achieved only through the flawless execution of two simultaneous maneuvers by a female.

The first action to perform a queffy will require the ability to queef on command. This is a skill mastered through years of dedication and grueling vaginal exercises. So open up your poonies and take a deep breath ladies. The second and most important act is to quickly and yet skillfully grab a pussycat, settle it comfortably between your legs where it is alarmed but not alarmed enough to claw the goodies, and expel that warm sack of air you've been waiting to release.

Congrats, you have just performed a queffy (queefing on a pussy)

queef queefing queefed vart pussy fart pussycat female fart pussy cat
Alex and Sally were in the kitchen when without warning, he grabbed her adorable Yorkie and farted on it. In a rage, Sally grabbed his pussycat, sucked air into her vagina, and laid a big fucking queffy on it.
by Summer.of.87 August 14, 2016
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