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When a fart loves a queef they make love. They have passionate sex. after 9 months a queeflet is born. The queeflet runs into a neighboring pussy for shelter until it is fully nursed back to health usually by a good samaritan colon. The queeflet joins the island of queeflets who are all trying to win the lottery to go to the outside world.
Chick:Awww look hunny it's an itty bitty queeflet. She's adorable. We should make one!
Dude: Aw Hell NAw bitch I'm just sleepin wit yo ass cuz my i gots the clap and no other hoes are down wit dat shit. The only thing your gettin is a stomped splein and a bloody vagina you creep ass cunt.
(chick goes down on dude)
(dude rips rank ass in chicks face)
(chick swallows and throwsup)
(dude makes chick swallow fart throwup)
by chebby chase March 27, 2008
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