When the female in question is rather loose and craves the Ding - a - ling

Craver ( Quaver )
Wow fam I swear she was a quavers. She sucked my soul out.

Damn that bish a quavers
by TheBlueChef January 2, 2018
1) Usually a brand name of curly crisps what kids/teens/adults have in theirl lunces or snacks. Very cheesy but oh very nice

2) Sometimes means "crazy" or "wacko" if some-one does something completely idiotic.

3) Sometimes meaning "bitch" "slut" or "slag" but not always regarding that person or not

4)Some-one who's either nervous, sensitive or fragile
1) Dude: I'm hungry, I think I might have some Quavers

2) Dude 1: Did yo see that crazy chick today?
Dude 2: Yup...she was Quavers

3) Girl 1: OMG! You are so a Quaver
Girl 2: Meaning what?
Girl 1: A bitchy-slutty-slag of course!

4) Dude 1: Why are you so Quaver today?
Dude 2: It's our maths test dude and I'm Quaver because I feel nervous
by HaloGirl136 June 29, 2009
Quavers is coming to the party

Oh I’m not then
by Ben Dover 420 69 November 20, 2019
A queer raver. Combining the words 'queer' and 'raver'. A gay member of the rave community. A gay person in rave attire. A gay person who's is interested in rave music.

by Parfifty September 28, 2007
Did you see Erika? It only took three hits of E to make her a quaver.
by Tom Petty April 18, 2003
it means when a toe goes up a girl's fanny.
ouch! my toe went up caitlan mcgrath's fanny! i've got a quaver toe!:(.
by Mollie Bowes. October 26, 2010