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A "quarter orgasm," so to speak. An orgasm which is not at full potential, but 1/4 potential. Also known as a minigasm or fourthgasm.
1. "Dude I was fingering her and kissing her neck, and she totally had a quartergasm!"

2. "We were going to get freaky, but her parents were home, so we made out and she had a quartergasm."
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Pronunciation:Kw'arter - gazuhm

(Noun) An unclear climax of sexual excitement characterized by feelings of only 25% pleasure centered in the genitals and (in men) experienced as an accompaniment to blue balls. This may also cause ejaculation of 25% and may cause pregnancy

(Verb)- to experience only 25% of an orgasm, causing discomfort to the male genitals.
-Yo dude did you hear about Mike having that quartergasm last night at that party?

-Yeah man i heard she said "Dont cum in me" just as he said he was about to
by Ohyes ohyes January 03, 2017
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