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adj., a word used to describe anything bitchin'awesome or better than having a threesome with Amgelina Jolie and Lyndsay Lohan (MMMMMM MMMMMM Good).The precedent was set by Adam Sandler that blue ducks are Quacktastic.
Pooping on a girl's chest and sticking a flag in it and claiming her for the United States is Quacktastic!
by Nick Velardi February 01, 2005
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Similar to Awexome, but not as strong.
Suggested use: When describing Fhqwhgads the Duck/Dragon.
Fhqwhgads is Quacktastic!
by Trogdor September 10, 2003
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Something that's not fantastic, but you feel as though you need to be a sarcastic asshole and, at the same time, avoid having to fake your enthusiasm.
YOUR FRIEND: "Hey! I just got a new Achievement on Xbox Live!"
YOU: "Oh...that's...quacktastic."

YOUR MOTHER: "Honey, I bought you a few new shirts from JC Penny's. I hope you like palm fronds and pineapples!"
YOU: "Thanks, mom...That's quacktastic."

A KID: "Hey mister! Guess what?? I can count to 50!"
YOU: "That's quacktastic."
by freehigh5s February 10, 2014
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