It means "What the Fuck!?" - so even a frog will understand!~
Sally gets home from work and finds her new french boyfriend on the couch all cozy with the babysitter... she says "qu'est ce que fuck!?" (so even Frenchy understands!)
by Dr. Jay Lee February 12, 2007
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A variation on the Québecois expression Qu'est-ce que fuck, which simply means What the fuck
My favorite restaurant is closed? Qu'est-ce que fuck quoi?!
by Davey McGravy May 7, 2007
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The proper franglais that means "what the fuck?" Many people improperly say qu'est ce que fuck which is nonsense. Qu'est ce que fuck means what fuck.

Can be used as a question or exclamation, French and English alike should easily get the gist when used correctly.
Qu'est ce que le fuck are you doing here?
Qu'est ce que le fuck is this shit?
Qu'est ce que le fuck did you do that for?
by Foxpants November 16, 2011
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