The QSMP, or Quackity SMP, is the first multilingual minecraft server ever, with the server being created to break language barriers. The server has both popular English and Spanish speakers, as Quackity himself is a bilingual Mexican. With live translations, mods, new mobs, creative events, continuous updates, and innovative ideas.

The current members are:
Wilbur Soot Luzu
FitMC Rubius
Ph1LzA ElMariana
JaidenAnimations Spreen
BadBoyHalo MissaSinfonia
Foolish_Gamers Roier
DanTDM Vegetta777
Slimecicle Maximus
Person 1: “Did you hear that Quackity is making his own SMP?”
Person 2: “Yeah! What’s it called again?”
Person 1: “The QSMP.”
by juanaflippa April 22, 2023
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