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A term given to any group of friends who are more mature and goal orientated than you are. They prefer face to face d&m's (WTF?) to MSN, are known to frequently participate in metrosexual and mature activities such as having dinner together on Fridays rather than masturbating to porn and solving anagrams.
With its origins in the heady days of 2002, "qrk" stands for "Queensland Renegade Krew". A split faction from the original SOA krew, members in 2002 became dissatisfied with the core teachings of the SOA ("harder, faster, stronger") and decided to form a bastardised version much like how Satanism was formed as the anti-Christian movement. A reminder of how awry things can become even with the most disciplined of padawans. The pull of the dark side is always strong.
"mutherfucker's in the qrk! kick his ass!!!!"
by sno October 27, 2004
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