Abbreviation for Queen Douche Bag.

A far superior alternate as opposed to simply calling someone a db

See also db
Mary, why are you acting like a qdb.
by SQDB September 21, 2009
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you are so incrediblly bored that you skipped 11 LETTERS between letters
typed" qdb" because thats how bored i managed to be
by March 16, 2021
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QBD is the quote database at It consists of thousands of very geeky/nerdy quotes that people have submitted from IRC conversations. Some are funny, some are disguisting, and some are just totally gay.
An Example quote from QDB:

<ORi0N> what good are you with a high IQ if you, for exapmle, can't even make a sadwich or something?
<BaToR> ask that to stehpen hawking :p
by Xanado June 30, 2006
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