pwnzor-a person who pwns n00bs 1337 style.
*pwnzor smacks n00b*
n00b: vv|-|j |)1d |_| )0 7|-|47?(Why did you do that?)
Guy: You r such a pwnzor!
pwnzor: I know.
by 1337 h4xx0r 101 January 01, 2009
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just like to point out u pronounce it wrong u n00b
i pwnzor j00
by pwnz0r October 23, 2003
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Something so incredibly amazing...that -zors must be added to the end (as in gamer speak)
Asian Kid: dood...this game be the pwnzors!!!!

Alex: um...using that word means no girlfriendzors for ever.
by Havik8(The Cuban) June 09, 2008
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Often used in a shout of excitement. The pure essence of Pwnage and the term used to show recognition. Often used in games when your team pwns a bunch of n00bs.
(Team wins)
1st gamer: AMAGADZ WE WON!!!
2nd gamer: PWNZOR!!!1

(Going out for dinner)
Person 1: Let's go to wing night
by T3h Pwnage February 19, 2009
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A title worthy for only the Lord High Master of Pwning, Nick himself. Sometimes alotted to other followers, for brief amounts of time, such as Foster, the title belongs to Nick, and Nick only, for all eternity. If one were to try to defy the extent of his Pwning, THE Ultimate Pwnzor has the ability to use his sai and third degree black belt tactics to prove his pwnation.
When Nick plays counterstrike he proves his status as the UlTIMATE PWNZOR.
by Meely Beendeely October 09, 2004
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I win. Your ass is mine. "I own your box" (your computer)
There is no salvaging your dignity now, beeyotch. All the pretty ladies are laughing at you.
j00 5Lil\/l3....i pWnzors j00r b0><0r...l3ee007# !!!
by PosterNutbag May 16, 2003
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The ultimate noob word. Only to be used under the worst circumstances. Commenly used by the mexican race while learning english. Very well deserved to people who are called it.
"So what happend leroy?" (While playing halo) "I tried to use my assult rifle to hit him from across the map cause i thought the bullets would kill everyone on the field"
by UberSquirrel December 02, 2004
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