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Noun- A person or object that is so awesome that you can only conclude that they've been leeching epicness from the rest of the world for their own mind blowing gain.

Verb- To pwnpire/ pwnpired. The act of a person or object sucking the coolness out of other, rarely specified things, because you rock so much that otherwise you wouldn't be able to supply your needs.

Pwnpires are the suspected cause of the Twilight series, George W. Bush, steamed vegetables and how badly the video game Spore tanked.
Wang Lee Hom is such a pwnpire! He composes his songs, writes the lyrics, sings unaccompanied, then plays each instrumental part himself before it's edited into one song. I blame him for Sarah Pallin.
by KirtiMiko September 23, 2009
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