Pussy-roll: verbal phrase, expression

The act of raveling or unraveling one's over-sized or stretched-out labia prior to such activities as bathing, masturbation, and sex.

May also be used to shock or shush a lover
"That bitch's meat curtains are so huge; she must need to roll dat pussy out before she gets laid."

"Gross! Dat hoe needs to roll dat pussy up & keep it away from me!"

"Baby? Just shut up and roll dat pussy out so I can fuck it," he said to her. "Yes, doctor," she replied, with the twinkle of sex in her eyes.

"Too many bitches don't know when to go into pussy-roll mode."
by Bunny Fiyatch December 09, 2017
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A category of sexual maneuver that can be performed in numerous angles.
Your sister did a mean pussy roll in me last night.
by zachcaldwell August 29, 2019
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