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A guy who tries to act badass, but is really a pussy. Is mean to his friends because he's compensating for something. ;0 Tells people they are gay because he doesn't want them to figure out he's gay himself.
Dylan. Haha... his pizza is late. Thats what he gets for being a pussygirl...
by sfhk March 05, 2007
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Girls that are desperate and that cry or are depressed over nothing special or important and some of them don’t even know the guys personality and they just want to date for his looks.They can be really annoying and they probably over react to the situation.
Jade is such a pussy girl she got rejected by John in 7th grade and she’s crying over it even though the most they would do is hug or hold hands and she doesn’t even know his personality just looks.
by PussyGirlsAreAnnoying January 22, 2018
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