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An action taken half by accident, half on purpose. Mostly used to cover error, but can be used in times of extreme serendipity to brag.

Other usage: on purpodent, purpodental
EX 1
Joe: *trips while trying to jump over a bench - everyone laughs - he jumps up*
Mary: Nice bail Joe!
Jim: You okay?
Joe: Yeah, I did it purpodentally to make you laugh!

EX 2
Mary: *aiming for a target with her bow and arrow, shoots and misses the target, but hits the tree, knocking down a frisbee that's been stuck for 10 years*
Jim: You missed!
Joe: Yeah but we got our frisbee back! SCORE!
Mary: Thanks, it was purpodental.
by scifivxn January 18, 2006
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