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pureone a white hat by nature. not always the best speller. but good with logic, known for his love of protocols, php,and having his network card being destroyed by lightning. also known for hiting up trying to cause trouble.

also known as a peace worrior :D
pureone once said "History will be kind to me for I intend to write it." as well as "knownledge brings power, with power comes responsiblity you must know how to handle responsiblity"
by pureone September 20, 2004
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A girl of such innocent she doesn't know more than any sex positions, frigid and does not send thotty photos on snapchat. they will usually behave like this due to lack of cleavage. NOTE some of them do masterbate and are friendly and neive which can mistakenly be perceived as kindess
bryn = woah bro shes so pretty but I bet she is a pure one
Zach= yep its cuz she got small tiddies and is nice
by leader of the lizard people August 07, 2018
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