refers to the tendency of punk shows (especially house shows) to start well after their advertised start time
I showed up to that hardcore show at eight like it said on the flyer, but the first band didn't start until eleven. fucking punk time.
by mecki messer November 19, 2010
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Punk time refers to an individual who is serving time in prison and commits homosexual acts with other punks during his sentence. Some people claim not to actually be gay and just be gay in prison, it doesn't work like that. If someone is just trying to be gay while in prison but pretend they are actually straight, they are on some punk time. Don't associate with punks. On the outside, the phrase "punk time" can be used to describe any homosexual individual who thinks they are a gangster or hardcore but in reality are actually gay as fuck.
"I heard Keith just got out of the pen and was gonna swing by". "Nah, fuck Keith I heard he was on some punk time. That nigga is a faggot, was busting dudes cheeks up in the unit."
by TitsMcGee454 March 6, 2017
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Someone that dresses like a Punk Rocker or hard core at night or on weekends, but only with easily removable and undetectable accessories (i.e. fauxhawk) and usually without piercings or tattoos so that he or she may return to the work place or other group setting without appearing to have a Punk Rock affiliation or be a fan.
Janet said she saw her room mate at a party with a fauxhawk, and a leather studded jacket but parts his hair on the left with his corduroy jacket when he goes out with his choir friends. if he was really punk he would have a Mohawk. must suck to be Part Time Punk Rock.
by NorthCalScooter July 24, 2009
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