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pulling a tally
when someone acts like a hormonal bastard and rants about the things in their lives that nobody cares about. Originated in Habbo Canada's Forum.
Sue: Today, I drank bagged milk. I HATE YOU JOHN
John: Stop pulling a tally, WE GOT MARRIED YESTERDAY!

Tally: I'm going to run away from home, i will never use a computer again!
Derek: Stop telling me that!
by habbocanadaman October 11, 2009
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When someone makes a thread on the forums talking about random high points of their day or just random things that are going on in their own personal life lately.
"I think she was just Pulling a Tally!"
"Yeah, she must definitly did Pull a Tally. She wrote about bagged milk"
by imsupacool October 03, 2009
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