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To buy a ton of unnecessary shit, but never buy anything you actually need (especially in the realm of personal hygiene). To use other people's stuff but never tell them or compensate them in any way. To make a huge net negative contribution to the overall war effort. To be overly spontaneous, but not in the cute way. In the annoying way. To make random, mind-boggling decisions, or to say things at completely inappropriate times around the wrong crowd.
Person A: "I just bought the complete boxed DVD set of every season of The Tick!!! It has over 100 hours of special features! Lets spend the rest of our lives watching it, please, please, pleeeaase?"

Person B: "Wow talk about pulling a joseph...I think i'll pass."
by Yussuf March 24, 2008
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An American male who moves to a foreign country (primarily in Eastern Europe) with the premeditated intention of hoaxing a local into a romantic relationship with him. With the inevitable result being marriage between the two individuals. Then the male subsequently takes his "trophy wife" back to America. The male being less than desirable. The female fitting the traditional standards of being extremely attractive and, of course, fertile!
"I heard through the grapevine that you were pulling a Joseph this weekend," remarked Ronald.

"To be so lucky . . ." replied Richard.
by Moneytree March 24, 2008
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