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when you talk to someone and you are texting or writing or saying something really really intense and long and all they have to say is K, kay, oh, hmm..., well,yup, okay. Especially when something is happening and your expressing feelings of sadness or anger and all they have to say is that sucks. also on occasion they start a conversation and then 5 mintues in they are either really annoyed or dont text back or dont give a reason, they started the and someone who doesnt even bother to spell the whole word okay out.

a MASTER of less than four letter words
1)person: omg my boyfriend just dumped me over my freaking best friend and their going out now.??!!?!!
guy pulling a darby: oh that sucks.
person: ive known you for 4 years and thats all you have to say.?
guy pulling a darby: yup.

2) person: Icant believe that you told them that.. like what was that for. cant you at least say sorry or something..

guy pulling a darby: okay.

person: you dont understand you ruined my life
guy pulling a darby: k
person: are you listening to me?
guy pulling a darby: kay.
by ILOVE YOUR FACEEE January 21, 2011
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