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Basically, to spit on someone unceremoniously without warning. Comes from the action's of Flavor of Love contestant, Pumkin, who spit on New York when she got eliminated from the show.
Girl 1: Don't you think it's sad that celebreality stars are too lame to get kicked off a show in a unique way?

Girl 2: What do you mean?

Girl 1: Didn't you see the episode of Rock of Love: Charm School when Brandi C. spit on Destiney?

Girl 2: Oh, I get it. You're right, that is lame, only Pumkin can pull a Pumkin.

Girl 1: Exactly.
by Emo Panda-kun March 28, 2009
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noun. the act of spitting on someone who is pissed off at you, therefore making them more pissed off than they already are.
also used by tailor made on "i love new york 2".
dude, did you see lilly totally pull a pumkin and spit on elisha when she tried to hit her?!
by lillyisthee.shizz! August 12, 2008
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