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The puke 'n go is the act of vomitting before going to the bar. The puke 'n go is ususally kept secret and revealed the next morning when retelling the events of the previous night. However it may also be shared directly after to induce a very entertaining few minutes of laughter and ridicule. This choice is left to the discretion of said puke 'n goer. The puke 'n go is similar to "the yak 'n stay back", however the former actually involves making it to the bar, whereas the latter is for pitiful individuals who stay at home. Followers of the puke 'n go are very determined to have a good time. They are looked up to, as they do not let putrid and disgusting bodily functions get in the way of having fun.
Chantelle is queen of the puke 'n go.
by 313vagina March 07, 2009
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