to put inside or pull inside, i.e. have sex or get barreled (tubed) surfing... i.e. the most pleasurable things you can do. term can be adapted to other situations requiring guts/skill

check out that chick, I like puinsai...


did you see Rodney's wave, he puinsai...
by fishbait July 12, 2006
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A Hawaiian slang referring to sexual intercourse; to "put inside." Coined in 1993 by the late Hawaiian recording artist Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.
You know, when you get all horny and you get the kickstand and you like pu in sai? Well, the safest sex is no sex. Not the plastic. So no pu in sai.
by Agent Buckwald July 30, 2004
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the contemporary pidgin-english slang term for having sex. literally meaning 'put inside'

see also pu' inside poke squid if no fit, put spit
Ho cuz! That fakka going go your house and grab yo madda an pu' insai!
by Dr. Ren_Ayanami, Ph.D January 27, 2005
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to pull into a barrel.

to put it inside a girl.

almost any act of entrance, usually forced and/or deliberate.
puinsai you fuckin' kook!

"no woman no cry, no can puinsai."

"we're ready now, sir, you may pu your vehicle insai."
by sunset pirate March 29, 2006
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what local North Shore Golfers (Sunset Beach & Kuhuku) yell after hitting the golf ball (hopefully a good shot to the green), so as to encourage the ball to go in the hole.
by Vinni Calaustro February 12, 2003
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