to put inside or pull inside, i.e. have sex or get barreled (tubed) surfing... i.e. the most pleasurable things you can do. term can be adapted to other situations requiring guts/skill

check out that chick, I like puinsai...


did you see Rodney's wave, he puinsai...
by fishbait July 13, 2006
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to pull into a barrel.

to put it inside a girl.

almost any act of entrance, usually forced and/or deliberate.
puinsai you fuckin' kook!

"no woman no cry, no can puinsai."

"we're ready now, sir, you may pu your vehicle insai."
by sunset pirate March 29, 2006
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what local North Shore Golfers (Sunset Beach & Kuhuku) yell after hitting the golf ball (hopefully a good shot to the green), so as to encourage the ball to go in the hole.
by Vinni Calaustro February 12, 2003
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