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verb. When an organized team of friends/clan members plays against a team of "pubs" - random people who join a public server.

The game is typically very one sided, despite the games being created under the false impression that it is going to be 'fair'.

Can apply to any team-oriented game, but the term is likely to have originated in DotA.

Can also be used as a noun, whereby the events described above occurs.
"Lets go pubstomp some noobs. I'll host"

"5v5 noobs only. nothing suss"
by Crockettotheface May 08, 2010
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Used in Warcraft DotA games.
When organized groups of confidently good players go to a cybercafe/ventrilo and team up against random pub players with no prior association.
A team of friends decide to pubstomp, but it turns into an epic battle of skill and wit to see who can overcome who.
by simpleblob July 15, 2008
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A term originating in the game Starcarft, where two or more friends would create a public team game and all join the same team, with the expectation that they would be playing against un-coordinated strangers.
"Hey, I found another friend we can pubstomp with, I'll make a game called '3v3 for fun', join up"
by SteeJanS November 20, 2009
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