verb. When an organized team of friends/clan members plays against a team of "pubs" - random people who join a public server.

The game is typically very one sided, despite the games being created under the false impression that it is going to be 'fair'.

Can apply to any team-oriented game, but the term is likely to have originated in DotA.

Can also be used as a noun, whereby the events described above occurs.
"Lets go pubstomp some noobs. I'll host"

"5v5 noobs only. nothing suss"
by Crockettotheface May 8, 2010
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Used in Warcraft DotA games.
When organized groups of confidently good players go to a cybercafe/ventrilo and team up against random pub players with no prior association.
A team of friends decide to pubstomp, but it turns into an epic battle of skill and wit to see who can overcome who.
by simpleblob July 16, 2008
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A pubstomper is a name for someone who usually goes in alone or with a group of people to a public server on a game and complete trashes them.

It often originates from games like Dota and Team Fortress where there is large variety in people's skill levels, some being amazing and some being downright awful.
Pubstomper: Hey man wanna go pubstomp some nubs?
Pubstomper 2: Sure!
Nubs: ermahgerd u faegit imma report u 2 gaben he wil ban u 4 lyfe u hakr!!!!111
by ADAMPOKE111 May 10, 2014
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A term originating in the game Starcarft, where two or more friends would create a public team game and all join the same team, with the expectation that they would be playing against un-coordinated strangers.
"Hey, I found another friend we can pubstomp with, I'll make a game called '3v3 for fun', join up"
by SteeJanS November 20, 2009
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Originating in Diablo 2 pvp games. "Pubs" or public pvp games were the source of the term. Pub Stomp was a paladin on the USEAST Non Ladder Server who dominated games for many years. The term is now widely used in many games to refer to public pvp games.
"Lets go PubStomp"

"Im in Pubs at the moment, ill join you later"
by G@nja December 19, 2018
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