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1. The act of performing "raincoated" intercourse in front of a crowd of people, to demonstrate/promote the practice of safe sex.

2. Noisy/widespread denouncement of latex-based birth control in favor of abstinence or rhythm-based copulation. In this case, the term is often uttered in a sarcastic/disgusted tone, where the speaker feels that the outspoken actor is behaving hypocritically, since he himself either does not actually practice celibacy/safe sex, or he does other obnoxious/abrasive/irresponsible actions in his own life that cause others far more burden/emotional pain/distress than would be produced by young lovers' having sex while wearing protection.
I get so totally turned off by those bible-blabbers and their public condomnations on the radio every week , especially when we all know that a good half of them secretly screw around themselves when nobody's watching!
by QuacksO October 27, 2015
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