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Any of a number of species of fool, commonly found in pubs. Native mainly to North London. A regular, full of confidence and beer, who knows how to have a good time when nobody else is -Because of him.

(From pub, meaning public house, an establishment providing shelter, sustenance and swigging sessions to the common man, and cock, a derisory term for one playing the fool, derived from its alternative meaning, penis).
Dave woke up at 3am, bleeding, crying, lying prostrate on what used to be his grandma's front step, and clutching a dartboard. It was then he realised he had become the pubcock.
by Anton McCoy March 12, 2003
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although a very obscure sounding insult, it's actually very wildly used and not considered very offensive. In fact, Tony Blair used it several times in an interview.
"Personally I found President Bush to be somewhat of a pubcock. Saddam Hussein can be quite a pubcock as well."
by hunka hunka November 09, 2003
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