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Psytwerking is a modern hybrid dance style drawing from the urban style of twerking and traditional psychedelic trance dance roots, often incorporating stomping and trippy hand movements. The thrusting hip movements and squatting of twerking is paired with drawing flower of life shapes in the air with one's right hand, while the other hand holds dosed sizzurp. The exact origin of the dance is still unknown, but legend has it that a ratchet girl made a wrong turn in the forest on her way to a dubstep party and ended up at a psychedelic trance party, where she observed the style of dance taking place, incorporated those moves, and began to psytwerk. Soon, everyone on the dancefloor was doing it, and now it has spread like wildfire across the globe, and has permeated other scenes. Psytwerking to deep house is now commonplace, and will be for years to come.
Girllllll, gimme that dosed sizzurp, ima get my fluoro booty all up in those bassbins and psytwerk by the Ganesh tapestry for dayssss! 3 days, to be exact, and at 145 bpm."
by khromata November 07, 2013
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