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One of the most sucessful games producers of all time who over the years produced some of the worst games of all time, and must've spent hundreds of millions on absolutely nothing, even though their QA staff was stealing all of the blue playstations and generally pissing about all the time.
Produced F1, which sold massively and meant there was a night with a free bar and the bar tab came to 25,000 pounds, and every male sniffed VIP Jo Guest's seat when she went for the loo.

Now owned by Sony, and called 'Sony Europe'.

Also inhabited by games 'producers' and 'designers' who have a rock star reputation and used to drive MGF cars, thinking they were good cars.
Psygnosis was the only company you could've taken a month off and nobody noticed.
by kalb April 03, 2006
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Neutered male prostitute with a strong desire to be considered and or noticed, often associates with other male prostitutes with a lack of desire or self respect.
Oh that Psygnosis needs to have a sense of what's going on.

That Psygnosis should earn a living and spend more time thinking in reality than standing up to those lower than himself, or just as low as himself.
by Whocareswhatmynameis November 14, 2006
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