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Intermingling of the Greek prefix "pseudo" and the adjective "philisophical", i.e. falsely philisophical. The intention of creating this word isn't applicable to criticism of philisophical arguments per se, but rather to certain scenes of bad movies or low-budget films in which the dialogue contains lines which were probably the film director's attempt at being philisophical, but is in fact unintelligible nonsense.
At the beginning of Ed Wood Jr's "Plan 9 From Outer Space", the narrator's purpose is to provide a compelling prophecy of the Future. But unfortunately, it is ultimately pseudosophical rubbish.
by bill kapok January 23, 2005
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False depth. Fake philosophical. It sounds deep and philosophical but they are just trying to impress people, or they are just trying to confuse people.
Person 1: Dude! Mark says the deepest shit!
Person 2: Nah man, Mark is so pseudosophical, he is just rambling like an idiot, just listen to him.
Mark:The kitten hits the ball, but the ball is the one that is hitting, because in a cosmic sense the ball is controlling the kitten, in a such way that it only appears on this plane of reality it is the kitten in charge, but no man, it is the ball, the ball is the master of this fickle thing we call life, we think we are in control of our selves when we do things, but it is the things we do things to who dictate our actions and sub-conscious.
Person 1: Yeah you're right! Mark is so full of shit.
by Idon'tgotnotype January 21, 2015
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