1. The non-study and non-research of current news and declaring it fake if it disagrees with your world view.

2. The practice of not verifying claims that agree with your worldview and passing it off as proof that your worldview is correct.

3. Pseudologist - a person who makes a living, or a profession out of pseudology.
1. The easily verifible news contradicted Donald's worldview, so he declared that it was fake. Donald has practiced pseudology.

2. Claims were made that an Oregon white supremacist was a Bernie Sanders supporter because of quotes found on a Twitter page bearing the white supremacist's name. Instead of spending 10 minutes looking this up, Jethro used this as proof that liberals were violent. Had he verified the claim, he would have discovered that the Oregon white supremacist shared a name with someone who was indeed a Sanders supporter, and the actual white supremacist supported the same candidate as Jethro. This is an example of pseudology.

3. Alex is working to cause mistrust in easily verifiable events; even declaring in a court of law that his activities and claims were made up. Alex has made a career out of this and he has become a pseudologist.
by Nutzen YerMouf June 8, 2017