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Any creature that emerges from a pokeball and purports a noncombatant air whilst engendering violent ends with atleast 80% certainty, either through self-induced or progeny-induced means.
PSEUDOGARBOYLE CHANCEY- Chancey produces three eggs, which may themselves be used as throwing items.
For simplicity, let P(atleast one egg being effectively thrown)= P(all eggs falling or being thrown off of the map or left unused).
Now we can ignore those contributions since the probability of the former occurrance more than offsets the probability of the latter occurrance.

The CHANCE, since 13 of 16 items are damaging, that atleast one egg contains a damage-inflicting item is

P(atleast 1 egg contains damaging item) = 100% * (1 - (3/16)^3) = 99.34%.

Chancey breeds violence through progeny-induced means with over 99% certainty.

PSEUDOGARBOYLE CLEFAIRY- Clefairy mimics one of the other 12 pokemon, and since only 2 of these are pure garboyles, the probability that Clefairy mimics a violent pokemon, P(mimicking violence)= 100% * (10/12) = 83.33%.

Through self-induced means, Clefairy engenders violence with over 83% certainty.
by Joseph Fry May 25, 2007
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