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A Kickass Band from the Sacramento Area!!!

"Prylosis began back in early December of 2004. At the time Chris Prochaska and Carl Reed had been trying to create a band together with various people as a singer and guitarist, respectively. After many failed attempts to find anybody as committed as they were, they finally met up with singer/guitarist Mike King, and bassist Dan Myers, who had been playing together in other bands on and off for the past few years. Mike began playing drums for the group then known as Tonedown, but soon swithced roles with Chris, who was doing the vocals at the time. Instantly, the four members knew they had something, and for the next few months they began writing new and original material under the name Prylosis.

In March of 2005, Carl was sent out on duty for the Army Reserves. While awaiting his return, and not wanting to diminish what the four members had accomplished thus far, Mike, Chris and Dan vowed to continue writing and finalizing material in hopes of making a name for themselves in Carl's absence. In December of 2005, Prylosis agreed to add singer and guitarist Scott Krock to the group, to help advance the desired sound of the band. In January of 2006 Dan decided to persue other interests (we are grateful for the help he provided and wish him the best of luck in the future), and Jeff Emmerling joined Prylosis as the new bassist in mid February. Prylosis now feels like they have completed their desired lineup that will allow for many creative styles to emerge as well as deliver a blistering, crowd pumping live performance.

Prylosis is determined to continue becoming a mainstream musical force for many years to come. The group is primarily influenced by past Metal and Grunge bands such as Metallica, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Nirvana, and Alice in Chains among others, as well as influences from recent hard rock acts like Mudvayne, Godsmack, Disturbed, and Breaking Benjamin. With their first project, the self-recorded/produced EP "No Excuses," Prylosis has set out to break the boundaries between underground metal and mainstream radio as part of a constantly evolving, uncompromised sound."

Anything from the genres of underground 80's metal up through mainstream 90's grunge, and whatever the hell else we feel like putting in there.

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yeah...that's T3H SH!T!!!! lol w00t!
by NinjaTheory May 30, 2006
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