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When someone is sexually attracted to new things.
Bryant loves to play with his new MacBook pro-2016.
Matthew moans for new born children.
Jason masturbates while staring at his newly grown fingernails.
Beatrice Eagerly awaits for new Kickstarter campaigns to start just so that they can fulfil her sexual desires.
All of these people are protosexual.
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by HORNYGREENMAN February 21, 2017
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Protosexuality is where you clone yourself, get yourself or your clone to get a sex change, and then have sex with the clone.
Guy 1: Go fuck yourself!
Guy 2: Give me a clone and a sex change and I will!
Guy 1: What the hell are you?! Gay?!
Guy 2: No, a protosexual and I am proud!
by Hlasd October 12, 2010
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