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It is a philosophy conservatives and assorted soccer moms came up with to destroy everything a kid might find fun. It is based on the idea that if people coddle their kids from doing anything that even could have the slightest potential for harming the kid it should be outlawed.

How do the "protect the children" crazies work? well it starts with some dumbass that gets hurt or raped or sees porn, or is even just playing a game or music and someone sees it and rats or gets hurt. The soccer mom parent sues with the claim "because my boy was so stupid to get himself hurt all must suffer" and bam it is outlawed. They also tend to think pedophiles are behind every rock, tree and bush and will do whatever it takes to keep kids inside a vacuum or bubble.
no more swing-sets to take kids on? No more good kids television shows? No more fun animated violence in video games/movies? good cooking utensils? Safety scissors? dressing up in full military armor to just go rollerskating. The list goes on and on!

Me: why is your son fat
soccermom: He is safe from all things that could hurt him, we just keep him inside all day long, so he is devoid of all physical activity therefore he is big boned! You don't happen to be a pedophile? do you?
Me: *runs for my life* thinking "those protect the children nuts are sure raising some lifeless kids alright."
by wateriestfire September 24, 2006
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