A meal made by inmates in prison. Typically spread is a Top Ramen base that can be augmented to a specific flavor by using chips, canned meat, or other foods that are also available in the prison store. Spread can vary by culture, as a Hispanic person may use different ingredients when compared to an Asian's spread.

Spread is an important part of prison life. It allows inmates, who are given their required meals, the ability to be creative and use culinary skills. Sharing spread in prison shows a sign of respect.
I was in the pen for 5 years and learned to make some mean prison spread with Fritos and canned chili.
by Britnasty October 23, 2013
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When someone’s legs are spread as a result of enduring a long prison sentence which resulted in repeated rapes.
Little sister: why’s that guy buying cigarettes leaning over the counter and spreading his legs that way
Big brother: That’s a prison spread. He doesn’t mean to, but it hurts too much to close his legs after getting raped so hard up in the slammer.
Little sister:what a little bitch
by Be Easy, Be Free January 28, 2021
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